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City of hobart


Annual General Meeting


Monday, 2 December 2019

at 7.30 pm

Venue: Lord Mayor's Court Room, Town Hall



Working together to make Hobart a better place for the community. 


The Council is:


We value people – our community, our customers and colleagues.


We collaborate both within the organisation and with external stakeholders drawing on skills and expertise for the benefit of our community. 

Focus and Direction

We have clear goals and plans to achieve sustainable social, environmental and economic outcomes for the Hobart community. 

Creativity and Innovation

We embrace new approaches and continuously improve to achieve better outcomes for our community. 


We work to high ethical and professional standards and are accountable for delivering outcomes for our community. 




Annual General Meeting

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Annual General Meeting held Monday, 2 December 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Lord Mayor's Court Room, Town Hall.



Lord Mayor A M Reynolds (Chairman)

Deputy Lord Mayor H Burnet

Alderman M Zucco

Alderman J R Briscoe

Alderman Dr P T Sexton

Alderman D C Thomas

Alderman T M Denison

Councillor W F Harvey

Alderman S Behrakis

Councillor M Dutta

Councillor H Ewin

Councillor Z Sherlock






Leave of Absence:

Alderman Dr P T Sexton.


1.       Declare the Meeting Open




2.       Minutes of the AGM conducted on 19 November 2018


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting meeting held on Monday,
19 November 2018
, are submitted for confirming as an accurate record.


3.       Meeting PrOcedures


The Meeting Procedures are attached.


4.       City of Hobart Annual Report


4.1    The Lord Mayor will address the meeting in relation to the City’s achievements for the 2018/2019 year in review and the Annual Report.


4.2    Acknowledgement of written submissions from electors of the City of Hobart in relation to the 2018/2019 Annual Report.


4.3    The General Manager will invite questions from the community in relation to the 2018/2019 Annual Report and the Council’s activities.


4.4    The Lord Mayor will call for a motion to adopt the 2018/2019 City of Hobart Annual Report.

5.       Closure of Meeting



Annual General Meeting

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HCC Coat of Arms (Small)


Annual General Meeting

Meeting Procedures


1.      The Annual General Meeting is in essence a Council Meeting and will therefore be conducted in accordance with the usual Council procedures for the conduct of its meetings.


2.      The procedures which will apply to this meeting include:


(i)      all discussion will be addressed through the Lord Mayor as the Chair of the meeting;

(ii)     for minute taking purposes, speakers are asked to identify themselves to the meeting before speaking.


3.      In relation to the moving of motions, the following procedures apply:


(i)      an Elected Member or, a member of the public who is an elector of the Hobart City Council municipal area, may move or second a motion.


(ii)     all motions must be seconded before any debate can commence on that motion;


(iii)    only one motion and one amendment may be before the Chair at any time;


(iv)    Elected Members and electors of the Hobart City Council municipal area may vote on motions and amendments;


(v)     a resolution is passed by half plus one of the Elected Members and electors present voting in favour of a motion or amendment; and


(vi)    in speaking to a motion, individuals may speak only once and for a maximum of 5 minutes.


4.      A motion passed at the Annual General Meeting will be considered at the next ordinary meeting of the Council on 16 December 2019.