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City Infrastructure Committee Meeting


Open Portion


Thursday, 26 April 2018


at 5:00 pm

Lady Osborne Room, Town Hall




10.     Macquarie Street and Davey Street, Hobart  Transferring Control and Ownership to the State Government. 3


Supplementary Agenda (Open Portion)

City Infrastructure Committee Meeting

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The Acting General Manager reports:


“That in accordance with the provisions of Part 2 Regulation 8(6) of the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015, these supplementary matters are submitted for the consideration of the Committee.


Pursuant to Regulation 8(6), I report that:


(a)     information in relation to the matter was provided subsequent to the distribution of the agenda;


(b)     the matter is regarded as urgent; and


(c)     advice is provided pursuant to Section 65 of the Act.”


Item No. 10

Supplementary Agenda (Open Portion)

City Infrastructure Committee Meeting

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10.    Macquarie Street and Davey Street, Hobart
Transferring Control and Ownership to the State Government

          File Ref: F18/36986; 2017-0477

Memorandum of the Director City Infrastructure of 26 April 2018.

Delegation:     Committee

Item No. 10

Supplementary Agenda (Open Portion)

City Infrastructure Committee Meeting

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Memorandum: City Infrastructure Committee


Macquarie Street and Davey Street, Hobart
Transferring Control and Ownership to the State Government


I refer to the letter from the Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff MP to the Lord Mayor dated 9 April 2018 regarding the State Government’s proposal to proclaim these roads as state highways.


The Acting General Manager, Heather Salisbury, and the Director City Infrastructure, Mark Painter, met with the Transport Commissioner, Gary Swain and the General Manager State Roads, Shane Gregory on Monday 23 April 2018 to discuss the matter.


The transfer of the highways will require a proclamation by the Executive Council under Section 7 of the Roads and Jetties Act 1935 and thus, will not require the support of the Parliament.  A Deed of Transfer will be prepared that would contain the details of the transfer.  It is anticipated that this process will take approximately 3-4 months.


The following preliminary advice was also received:


•        The extent of the proclamation would be those sections of Davey Street and Macquarie Street that are between the Southern Outlet and the Tasman Highway, and would include the extension of the Southern Outlet that is between Davey Street and Macquarie Street.


•        The full width of the road reserves from property boundary to property boundary would become state highways.


•        The State would assume full control of traffic issues on the highways.


•        The State would be responsible for the operation, maintenance and renewal of the road pavement and would also take responsibility for street lighting.


•        The City would remain responsible for the footpaths and the stormwater, although works by the City would require the approval of the State as highway authority.


•        It is proposed that Council would continue to operate the parking bays and receive the parking revenue including meters and compliance.  Decisions relating to the location of parking bays would be made by the State.


The City has a number of road projects currently planned in Macquarie Street in the near future.  These include:


•        Macquarie Street road overlay from Southern Outlet to Antill Street;

•        Macquarie Street road overlay from Barrack Street to Molle Street; and

•        Macquarie Street stormwater and footpath renewal near Harrington Street.


The first two of these projects have commenced.  These works are being undertaken by an external contractor and the City is contractually bound to complete the work, with a financial contribution from the State in accordance with the existing cost share agreement.


The stormwater and footpath project in Macquarie Street is scheduled to be undertaken prior to the roads being transferred.  These assets would remain the responsibility of the City under the new ownership arrangements and there is therefore no reason not to proceed.


At this time the Brooker Highway from Macquarie Street to Burnett Street (currently under the control of the City) is not included.  Initial advice is that this could be a matter for the Council to consider.  The State advised that if this highway was to be transferred then the State would be prepared to enter into a maintenance agreement with the City should the City wish to continue to maintain the plantings on the median strip to the current standard.  The ownership of related assets, including pedestrian overpasses and the railway roundabout underpass would also need to be resolved.


It is anticipated that there will be a number of meetings in the coming months as agreement is sought on issues that will be included in the Deed of Transfer.


The City and the Department of State Growth are currently undertaking a project to provide information to guide the future use of the couplet through a joint consultancy with GHD.  It was agreed that as both parties will continue to have an interest in issues concerning the couplet that the joint project should continue. 



That the information be received and noted.


As signatory to this report, I certify that, pursuant to Section 55(1) of the Local Government Act 1993, I hold no interest, as referred to in Section 49 of the Local Government Act 1993, in matters contained in this report.


Mark Painter

Director City Infrastructure



Date:                            26 April 2018

File Reference:          F18/36986; 2017-0477